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6 Things To Consider Before Going Off The Grid

1. Renewable Energy

Take the time to do the research. You’ll need to understand which technology will work best for your specific area and your specific energy needs. You may wish to consider consulting with a community college, a building supply store, or even with experts on the topic. Always learn what your options are for alternative energy as well as passive and even active energy. You’ll also want to understand which storage batteries will work best for your needs.

Off the grid, living will require that you understand which battery storage is best for your needs as well as which renewable energy technology will work best for your specific needs. Some energy systems may be better suited for your needs and location than others.

Ensure that harvested energy will also suit your needs. It may require solar panels or a combined approach to your energy such as wind and solar panels or solar and water. Talk to the experts regarding your electrical load and what you’ll require.

2. Home Energy Requirements

There is a huge difference in high-performance energy and an energy efficient home. Consider the size of your home, the designs that use energy more efficiently than others and your needs.

If you want to be off the grid in the home you currently live in, you’ll have to do the following:

  • Find out where your energy leaks are.
  • Locate the required load to run your home effectively.
  • What features can you adjust so that you will be able to improve your energy efficiency?
  • Can this work with the alternative energy plan that you want to use? Is it affordable?

3. How Much Power Will You Require?

It’s vital to consider how much energy and power your home is going to require on a daily basis. In this fashion, you can determine how much power and technology you’re going to require as well as what sort of batteries you’ll require for living off grid. Keep in mind that appliances that generate heat will require a lot of energy.

You’ll want to begin reforming your energy use prior to taking the plunge into alternative energy. Energy is going to become more scarce and you’ll want to be very creative with your habits to ensure that you’re not over extending your energy use.

4. Sun Can Heat

In spite of the climate in Northern Canada, even the coldest prone areas such as Prince Albert and even Yellowknife will still get a lot of direct sun in the winter months.

Low lying Northern Canadian sunshine will shine right into the south side of your home’s windows. If you choose Triple-pane argon style windows, you will trap the heat inside and tile floors will help to enhance the suns heat. Long after the sun has gone down your home will still be plenty warm. This means that you can leave the furnace off for longer periods of time.

5. Light Reform

Well designed homes for off the grid living will utilize the daylight for your indoor lighting. Additionally, you should change all of your lights to LED equivalents and cut back on your energy consumption. You can also take the time to replace all of the light bulbs or even have an electrician install simple LED pot lights throughout the home.

6. Use A Grid Tied Method

Don’t go cold turkey off the grid, this is far more challenging. Instead, ask yourself how you can start now and adjust your lifestyle to accommodate living off the grid. The more you learn to adjust your lifestyle, the easier it is going to be.

You’ll have to learn how to adjust some of the everyday luxuries that you’re using. Be conservative with your use of energy and you’ll do just fine.

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