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4 Top Massage Chair Brands To Consider

Whether you are purchasing the massage chair as an essential item for your health or as a comfort item to enjoy yourself, you will find it hard to choose a brand to go with. For instance, there are numerous brands on the market offering a myriad of massage chairs in what they typically tout as the best massage chair for your needs. However, this is not always true as some of the brands do not meet your expectations.

With this in mind, we will explore the top 4 massage chair brands for you to consider.

#1. Inada (Premium Brand): This Japanese brand is considered the best massage chair brand on the market. The flagship product the Dreamwaves is considered the best massage you can purchase. It is robustly built (hence it is durable), it has a supreme design, and importantly, their customers get world-class customer care services that are second to none. Furthermore, their products tend to perform exemplarily with regards to massages. Most of their products such as the Dreamwaves and the Inada Flex are designed for therapeutic purposes. As such, their massage chairs are perfect for people engaging in demanding sports or people suffering from muscle and bone issues. However, their Flex product also performs posture correction.

#2. Human Touch (Premium Brand): designed and engineered in the US with some support from their Japan offices and manufactured in Taiwan, the Human Touch is renowned for consistently producing high-quality products that are good looking but also very functional. While their products are priced on the higher side, customers more often than not find their quality and exceptional performance to be worth the price. Their iJoy and Perfect models tend to be a favorite choice for many on the market looking to purchase massages chairs.

#3. Luraco (Premium Brand): For the most part, this is made in America brand that is based in Arlington, Texas. All the critical and the vast majority of non-critical parts are sourced in the US. Only a few non-critical parts are sourced from Taiwan, and even so, the company goes to great length to ensure that the parts are of high-quality. As a premium brand, Luraco products target therapeutic users. They are renowned for their iRobotics massage chair, which comes with cutting-edge features, perfect sizing, and exceptional durability.

#4. Omega (Value Brand): The design and engineering of this brand’s chair are done in the US. Importantly, the Omega brand has been partnering with the Human Touch brand, especially with regards to designing products. As such, they have been focusing on aesthetics, producing products that have high-quality aesthetics. However, the chairs are manufactured in China, and therefore, their quality of the products is somewhat compromised. Nonetheless, their products are a very good option for people seeking a value product in the massage chairs market.

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